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Our History

From the d’Aubigné family to Jean-Joseph, only one name has survived: that of Bois Mozé.

Our winery once was a farm which belonged to the Château of Montsabert, a castle overlooking the town of Coutures. Over the centuries it has belonged to families of note, such as the Aubigné family.

At the time, cereal, fruit trees and vines were cultivated on these grounds. Thanks to the neighbouring Loire and Thoureil (a trading port at the time), the wine trade started developing in the 17th century.

Bois Mozé became a large wine estate in the 20th century and employed many families from the area. The domain’s reputation continues to grow today, thanks to the beauty of its natural environment, its architecture and the typical character of its red wines.

Agrippa d'Aubigné et Madame de Maintenon

Since the takeover by two nature and wine enthusiasts in the 1990s, Bois Mozé has developed with a constant focus on quality, respect for the vines and the environment.

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Our vines

The Bois Mozé terroir has a lot to offer. Situated in Anjou, it has all the characteristics of Saumur wines. Unlike the vineyards in the Anjou region, which have rather schistous soil, our vineyard actually has limestone-clay soil, being situated geographically on the southwestern edge of the Parisian Basin, where the limestone plateau starts.

This is an asset which enables us to make wines with round and velvety tannins on the palate.

That is why we have chosen to plant our five different grape varieties in the following manner : Chenin, Grolleau and Pinot Noir uphill (limestone clay), and Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon downhill (for our wines to be kept).

Our Coteaux de l’Aubance (Chateau Rousset and Elegance) are planted on the districts of St Jean des Mauvrets and Juigné sur Loire, with a schistous soil also called “Anjou Noir”.

Our Philosophy

Through the practice of agro-forestry, we are committed to putting living nature at the heart of our work.

2017 was a pivotal year after we obtained the organic quality label.  Since then, we have worked hard to focus fully on biodiversity.

 Our one and only goal is to Think of the Future!

Surrounded by local actors, we set up formative and innovative projects.

Agro-forestry is the interaction of agriculture and trees, annual crops, livestock, wildlife and humans. We aim to bring more wildlife to our vineyard and to place the vine at the heart of the ecosystem.




































We have started by installing nesting boxes for blue tits in our apple trees and bat houses, with the help of Erwan Guillou from the LPO (Bird protection league), who also lets his sheep graze in our vineyard.

In March 2020 we also replanted all the hedges around the hillside in order to allow biodiversity to develop on the estate. Besides acting as natural wind-breaks for the vines, they also provide a habitat for bats.

We have started planting fruit trees and we plan to include more in our vineyard in the coming years.

 Our goal is to let nature recreate its own ecosystem.

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Domaine de Bois Mozé – Coutures
49320 Brissac Loire Aubance
GPS : latitude 47.376249 – longitude 0.360319

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